How to Quit Smoking While Listening to Hypnosis Recordings

Using recordings to quit smoking can be successful if done properly. For most people it takes 30 to 45 days to create a change of habit. This means the hypnosis recording should be listened to for at least 30 nights straight, preferably longer so the new way of life becomes permanent. As you begin to prepare for bed is when you should put headphones on and begin the session.

There are methods to help during the day which can help you associate cigarette smoke with being a negative thing to do. Find a brand that you absolutely despise and switch to them. You are smoking now to quit, not for enjoyment. You should also cut off the filters so they taste even worse. Also only smoke in a nasty place, such as around a garbage dumpster. This will definitely help you feel like quitting.

Write on an index card all the reasons for giving up smoking. Keep your cigarettes in a sealed bag with the note in it, or some other place that takes a little time to get to. You can write down things like, the health benefits of quitting, wanting to stay healthy enough to enjoy your grandchildren, saving money, and looking better. Every time you feel the urge come on to smoke a cigarette, when you open the pack the note should be read. This can help stop the urge.

Another thing you can do is make an anchor to help resist a time when you tend to smoke. Some people have a cigarette after eating, while talking on the phone, or when they first get out of bed. To set an anchor, press somewhere on the body and take a very deep breath. Do this several times in as row, always pressing the same spot. Whenever you feel a need to smoke, trigger this anchor first. The deep breath you take when smoking is replaced by the breathing anchor. Nicotine is really a stimulant which does nothing to really relax you, the deeper breath you take during the inhalation process helps produce the calming effect.

Using gum, hard candy, or even holding a stick in your hand can replace the cigarette which you might be craving. Giving up using the buddy system can also help by holding each other accountable. Taking up meditation, yoga, reading a book, or going for a walk can create a change, which is exactly what you are looking for.

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