7 Ways to Help Defeat the Smoking Habit

Smoking can be very detrimental to a person’s health. Emphysema, COPD, and lung cancer are just a few things that cigarette smoking will give your body. Other things include heart problems, skin damage, and an increased chance of having a stroke. This doesn’t include the money that could be spent on better things.

A person has to want to quit or no amount of therapy, substitutions, or even money will get someone to give up cigarettes. If you really have the desire to quit, you are already half way there. With just a little help, you could be well on your way to have complete freedom from cigarettes. These 7 ways can help you gain control of the habit that you want to conquer.

1 Nicotine Gum

This is a way to still get nicotine without the effect of smoking. Chewing this gum can be a replacement for cigarettes. This doesn’t mean it is completely healthy. Nicotine is a poison that is still hard on your heart and arteries. This could be a stepping off place from smoking with the possibility of giving up the gum later.

2 The Patch

Another way to replace the nicotine from cigarettes is to try the patch. They come with different levels of nicotine in them allowing you to lessen the dependence slowly. The same with the gum though, you still have nicotine in your system.

3 Prescription Medicine

A doctor might prescribe medicine to help control the craving you have to smoke. There could be adverse side effects of these prescriptions, including weight gain and emotional issues.

4 Meditation

By controlling the mind by using meditation, you could develop the will power to change the way you think about smoking and give it up. This is a safe alternative without side effects. Some people have better luck with this than others.

5 Yoga

Learning yoga let’s you control both your body and mind. This is a great way to become at peace with yourself. Taking up yoga can also give you the power to give up cigarettes. Some think that they are not limber enough for yoga, that is why you start with beginners poses. This is another safe alternative to smoking.


Using neuro linguistic programing will also give you a very good advantage when crushing the cigarette habit. The body and mind connection is a good way to help solve issues that are hard to control.

7 Hypnosis

Of course the use of hypnosis can create a new outlook on the way you think of cigarettes. An inversion to smoking can be installed during a session while also creating an anchor to replace the urge to smoke. No matter which method you use, giving up cigarettes can keep you healthier while saving money.


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