The Smoke Continues to Rise

As you reach out to buy another pack of cigarettes, you begin to realize the money you are spending to support this habit could be used for things that are much more constructive. Perhaps you need a different car or would like to invest in your future. Paying over $2000 to the tobacco company each year doesn’t do much for you except to contribute to the downfall of your health. Using hypnosis can help you break the habit of watching your money go up in smoke.

Perhaps you have tried the patch, nicotine gum, or even Chantex, and have always went back to donating money for cigarettes so you can become dependant on oxygen and confined to riding an electric scooter through the house since you no longer have the breath to walk anymore. Is this how you want to live in the future?

Is hypnosis guaranteed to make you quit? The answer is no. How effective was the gum, patch, and prescriptive medicine? There has to be a will to give up them cigarettes or nothing will work. Smoking cessation is usually a call complete program with you doing other things besides the hypnosis session.

If you have exhausted all the other methods, it is possible hypnosis will help you quit. If you want to be able to run with and enjoy your grandchildren, take that pack of smokes and destroy it today.

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