30 Days to Begin a Better Life

Your brain is definitely a creature of habit. Once it builds a new neural pathway, it likes to keep it that way. This is great for most things, or else you would have to relearn how to walk every day.

By continually stepping out of your comfort zone, it teaches the brain that change can be a good thing. This is one of the better ways to create new positive habits. Replacing a good habit to replace an unhealthy one is a great way to improve your life.

Hypnosis recordings can help install heathier habits. There are many different types, from gaining more confidence to a diet that will benefit your body more. These recordings should be listened to every night as you prepare to sleep for 30 to 45 days. This is how long it takes for neural pathways to become more permanent. Think of it starting out as a small walk pathway that morphs into a super highway.

If you miss a couple nights of listening, it is best to start over again. The more time you have invested in creating these highways the more permanent they will become.

Live hypnosis sessions usually work faster since the suggestions that are being installed are from your own words while the recordings are more generic. One size that fits all is more how they are described.

This doesn’t mean recordings do not work, many people have had much success using them. Some have given up smoking while others became better at controlling the foods they eat, which led to loosing weight.

On the other page is a free recording for those who want to quit smoking cigarettes. There is a PayPal button there yet you do not have to use it. Just click on the link and download it for no cost. You have to want to quit smoking though, hypnosis isn’t like a magic wand. If it was, I would wave the wand around a lot to help those having issues they want to conquer. Give a recording a try or locate a good hypnotist to help improve your life.

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