Root Canal and Hypnosis

selective-focus-photo-of-brown-monkey-2213575There are some individuals that have had root canals done, gave birth, and other operations under hypnosis with no anesthesia. Should you try this? My advice would be no. The hypnotist would have to stay present during the operation to deepen the effect in case someone disturbed the patient. Even though there has been some success using it, it would probably be better to be totally numb.

A hypnotist is always just a guide in this situation, which leaves the patient controlling his pain level through the use of suggestion. While this can be possible for some individuals, the majority of people will have trouble doing this. It is best to leave hypnosis for things that work for the majority of the people, or at least not to experience pain if the session failed.

Some of the better things it can be used for include, stress relief, depression, weight control, bad habits, and other issues that do not involve physical pain if the patient became conscious during the session. It’s much better to stay with things that do not hurt physically.

If this is something you decide to try anyway, remember advanced monks can control their heart rate, breathing, upon many other things that would seem super human to most people. If you know a great hypnotist which is willing, perhaps this is something you might want to try.

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